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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I reserve a tour?
A: Advance ticket booking service for individuals is currently available. Organizations seeking to reserve a tour should address their official requests to Director by fax: +7 (812) 465-21-96. 

Q: Why no entrance via the Golden Gates?
A: Entrance via the Golden Gates and Main Courtyard is used by organized groups that reserve tours through travel companies contracted by the museum.

Q: Why no photography in the Amber Room?
A: (1) The amber décor is extremely light/flash sensitive and changes its natural, organic origin colour gamma with years. (2) That often impedes the flow of visitors.

Q: Why the difference in ticket prices for Russian and foreign tourists?
A: No such difference now. While until 2011 citizens of the Russian Federation (RF), foreign citizens permitted to live permanently in RF and employees of foreign diplomatic representative offices in RF could use reduced fare tickets.

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