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Ticket booths of the Catherine Park are at its every entrance. Ticketed admission to the park lasts May
   through September. Admission to the Alexander Park is free.
Ticket offices of the Catherine and Alexander Palaces are in their vestibules.
Ticket counters of the Martial Chamber (WWI Museum) and the Duty Stables pavilion (Exhibition of
   Court Carriages) are in their vestibules.
Ticket counters of temporay exhibitions at the palaces and park pavilions are at their entrances.
Ticket booths or counters of the park pavilions are near or inside them.

The following credit/debit cards are accepted only at the ticketing facilities of the Catherine Park,
   Catherine Palace and Cold Bath (Agate Rooms) -- Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard,
   MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, UnionPay, JCB, МИР (Mir). 
All the other ticketing facilities accept only cash in Roubles.

There are toilets near the cloakrooms in the Catherine Palace Vestibule, in the Catherine Palace’s Zubov Wing below the Hanging Garden (see on map), in the north yellow outbuilding near the blue
   semicircular wings of the Catherine Palace (see on map), near the Visitor Information Center at the Admiralty Pavilion (see on map), and in the Martial Chamber.  

The Catherine Palace Cloakroom is on the left of the main (park) entrance in the Vestibule.
The Martial Chamber's and the Duty Stable's cloakrooms are on the right of their entrance in the
Please note: Cloakrooms assume no responsibility for items left in coats.
Items that must be checked in: bags larger than 35x25x15cm (14x10x6"), any backpacks, strollers, umbrellas, water bottles.
Luggage and coat check is free, but the fee for a lost token is 100 roubles.
All weapons must be left with Securuty.
The Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to vary or alter these conditions without prior

Lost Property
Lost property may be found at the Information Desk in the Catherine Palace Vestibule.

There are two ATMs in the Catherine Palace Vestibule.

Eating and Drinking
No eating/drinking is allowed in the museum halls and exhibitions.
There is a café in the Catherine Palace Vestibule, a summer café at the Parterres of the Catherine Park,
   two restaurants and several kiosks in the area, as well as coffee vending machines in the vestibules
   of the palaces. More information

There are several gift shops throughout the Catherine Palace Vestibule, in the Catherine Park near the
   entrances and pavilions, and in the Alexander Palace, as well as the Amber Art Shop in the
   Church Wing of the Catherine Palace (entrance from the street).


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