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What's on at Tsarskoe Selo, 01.09.2017
Ladies and Gentlemen  

Besides the famous permanent displays at the Catherine Palace, you are also welcome to visit our unique 18th/19th-century pavilions in the Catherine Park (in summer*) and the Alexander Park. Check their admission information below, and don't forget about our engrossing temporary exhibitions!

* Please Note: Our pavilions and other park amenities are not available during rainy weather. Please also check the links to other visiting information for any changes in schedule.

Arsenal pavilion, Alexander Park
Permanent display The Imperial Arms Collection
Museum display of antique arms and armour
16th Century Armour from the State Hermitage
Entry hours: 10.00–17.00, Tue to Sun
other visiting information
Exhibition Hand Fan Returns   
Catherine Palace, Zubov Wing 1st Floor
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00, Wed to Mon
other visiting information   
Exhibition The Kochubey Family Mansion: 'Home of the Gentry' in Tsarskoe Selo
Catherine Palace, Zubov Wing 2nd Floor
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00, Tue to Son
other visiting information            
Exhibition Silvio Dagnini: the Architect, the Artist, the Builder
Catherine Palace, Room near 3rd Antechamber   kk
Currently available for groups only
other visiting information
Exibition Tsarskoe Selo 1917: On The Eve...
Cameron Gallery first floor
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00, Fri to Wed
other visiting information
Grottoes of Cameron Gallery 
Associations: Post-show Exhibition
Open: 10.00–18.00, Fri to Tue
other visiting information

Visitor Information Center 
Left wing of Admiralty pavilion
(visiting info, films, brochures, souvenir coins)
Jun–Sep: 10.00–18.00, Wed to Mon
Oct–May: 10.00–18.00, Wed to Sun
other visiting information


Hermitage pavilion, Catherine Park
Open: Tue to Sun 
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00
other visiting information
Exhibition Agate Rooms: The Way to Revival
Cold Bath pavilion, Catherine Park      
Entry hours 11.00–18.00, Fri to Wed
other visiting information
Lower Bathhouse pavilion, Catherine Park
Exhibition Court Bath in the 21st century
Entry hours 11.00–18.00, Thu to Tue    
other visiting information
Grotto pavilion, Catherine Park      
Live a capella music
Open: 10.00–18.00, Wed to Mon
Free with park ticket
Cameron Gallery Colonnade       
Ramp and Hanging Garden, Catherine Park
Open daily 11.00-18.00
Maids of Honour Garden open daily 10.00-19.00
other visiting information
Concert Hall pavilion, Catherine Park
Open daily, except Mon, Tue and in rainy weather
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00
Free with park ticket
Turkish Bath pavilion, Catherine Park
Open: Thu to Tue
Entry hours: 11.00–18.00
other visiting information
Tower Ruin's Observation Deck, Catherine Park
Open daily 11.00–18.00 (weather permitting)
Free with park ticket
Creaking Summer-House, Catherine Park
Open 11.00–18.00
Closed Mondays, Thursdays, and in rainy weather
Free with park ticket
White Tower, Alexander Park 
Observation Deck (40 m)              
Open: Wed to Sun (weather permitting)
Entry hours: 10.00–17.00
other visiting information
Electric Car Tours of Parks                
Catherine Park (from Admiralty)
Alexander Park (from Rastrelli Monument)
Tickets 11.00–18.00 other info
Daily, except in rainy weather
Ferry Service on Great Pond, Catherine Park
Tickets 11.00–18.00
Daily, weather permitting
other info
Carriage Rides in Catherine Park
From Mirror Ponds near Catherine Palace
Tickets: 12.00–17.30   (without pre-booking)
Daily, except Tue and in rainy weather
other info
Carriage Rides in Catherine & Alexander Parks
Daily, except in rainy weather
Gondola Rides on Great Pond, Catherine Park
Tickets 12.00–18.00 (no fixed days)
Weather permitting
other info
Upper Bathhouse, Catherine Park
Entry hours: 10.00–17.00  Fri to Wed
other visiting information
Admiralty pavilion, Catherine Park
Exhibition (no exhibitions currently)
Open daily except Tue & Wed, 11.00–17.00
Free with park ticket
Winter Sleigh Rides
in Alexander Park
Skating Rink
Triangle Square
Near Zubov Wing of Catherine Palace
Daily (weather permitting) 12.00–21.00
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