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Alupka Conference, 21.04.2017

Director Olga Taratynova and park curator Olga Filippova of Tsarskoye Selo took part in the 6th academic and practical conference organized by the National Association for the Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks at the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Republic of Crimea.

The conference was opened on April 19th by Russia’s deputy minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov and Crimea’s minister of culture Arina Novoselskaya. Both emphasized problems with preservation and restoration of monuments of landscape architecture. The conference provided a platform for experience sharing between the leading museums of Moscow, North West Russia, St Petersburg and Crimea.

As the president of the Association, Olga Taratynova gave a presentation on some tendencies and risks faced in the optimization of a palace and park museum’s work under restricted financing. 

Other attendees included director Alexander Balinchenko of the Alupka Palace and Park Museum, vice chairman Alexey Mikhailov of the St Petersburg Committee for Monuments Preservation, deputy general director Elizaveta Fokina of the Tsaritsyno Museum, director Pavel Seleznev of St Petersburg’s Kirov Central Park, and director Vasily Pankratov of the Gatchina Palace and Park Musuem.

Representatives of those and other museums and research and design organizations discussed restoration projects for various cultural landscapes and analyzed some economic aspects of historic gardens and parks’ maintenance, the forming of protection zones, and the integrated monitoring of green spaces’ condition.  

On April 20th, Olga Taratynova and her colleagues exchanged views on Crimean heritage preservation under new economic conditions during a panel discussion held by the Culture and Art section at the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum.

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