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Park sculpture removes 'winter clothes', 25.04.2017

This April’s snowfalls have delayed the spring awakening of the Tsarskoye Selo parks. Our outdoor sculptures are getting rid of their winter covers two weeks later than usually.

Over sixty objects in the Catherine and Alexander Parks are going to have the unattractive wooden boxes removed during this week. The statues at the Main Porch, facing the Main Courtyard of the Catherine Palace, were uncovered first, then came the turn of those at the Granite Terrace and the Girl-with-a-Pitcher fountain.

The Old Garden that slopes down from the Catherine Palace to the Hermitage pavilion will have its scluplture uncovered last. Scruffy after their 'winter hibernation', the works by different sculptors will wait for warm and dry weather when a special cleaning technology returns them to beauty.

‘The Catherine Park statuary is a brand mark of the Museum’, says Tsarskoye Selo outdoor sculpture conservator Nanalia Lanceray. ‘The Girl with a Pitcher, for example, is a poetic symbol of Tsarskoye Selo. Once uncovered, these marvelous sculptures change all around them.’   

The park will soon start to open its other attractions. The Cameron Gallery with the Hanging and Maids-of-Honour Gardens, the Tower Ruin and the Creaking Summer-House are expected to open for visiting from May 3rd, while the Grotto is expected to greet our visitors with acapella music by the vocal group Anthem from April 28.

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