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Night of Museums 2017: Laurels, Tulips and Flower Lottery, 23.05.2017

On May 20th Tsarskoye Selo joined St Petersburg's Museum Night and the European Night of Museums for the fifth time.

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We offered special tours of our Greenhouses and Catherine Park flowerbeds for the first time at this event. Although some flowers were still in buds or half-bloom because of the abnormally cold spring, over 1,500 visitors could still enjoy the floral décor of Tsarskoye Selo during the five hours of this year’s Night of Museums.  

Usually closed to the public, our Greenhouses drew most of the attention, even though the apple and plum trees in the adjacent garden were not coated in a large white and pink cloud of blossom, like they normally are in late May, and the leaves just began to emerge on the lilac bushes along the historic alley to the buildings. Inside, the visitors could admire the gorgeous roses, fuchsias, begonias, Peruvian lilies, and bitter orange trees. Our employees shared their park decoration plans for this summer, as well as some facts about the historic varieties of plants grown here, and the crown trimming of decorative trees such as the perfect spherical crowns of the laurels of Tsarskoye Selo. While leaving the Greenhouses, the visitors were offered “laurel locks” as keepsakes.

The springtime flowerbeds of the Private Garden, the Maids of Honour Garden and the Hanging Garden of the Catherine Park were a visual delight because of the yellow tulips that started to bloom in the morning of the day. Old photographs, set out near the fountain in the Private Garden, showed how fashions for flowers depended on architectural and other tendencies. The Flower Lottery, with cards depicting flowers and plants starting with the first letters of the visitors’ names, interpreted the “floral language of love”. People named Nikolay and Nadezhda learned that the narcissus (white daffodil) “says”, Have pity on my suffering. The gvozdika (motley carnation), for Galina and Gennady, “says”, I live only for you, and the iris (for Irina and Igor) means, Only your love can bring peace into my soul.

Our guests also received cards with flowers and plants that used to adorn the Tsarskoye Selo imperial residence in various times.

The park tour ended at the Cameron Gallery, where our employees answered questions and the visitors could then go down to the adjacent Maids of Honour Garden.

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