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Restoration continues, 13.06.2017

Three more bridges are restored in the Alexander Park by the restoration design and research center Specialist that brought back to life several other bridges of Tsarskoye Selo.

The Large Lamsky Bridge (see picture at left, click to enlarge) over a channel between the Upper and Lower Lamsky Ponds was built to replace a wooden walkway in the 1890s. Its metal parts were made by the San Galli Factory in St Petersburg to architect Alexander Vidov’s design. After numerous damages during the Second World War and years of disrepair, the now snow-white bridge boasts all its lost parts restored around the original components still bearing the San Galli marks (see below, click to enlarge).


Two Metal Bridges on the Ozerki Ponds (a.k.a. the Little Lakes area) are finally free of scaffolding too, for the viewing pleasure of visitors in this very romantic part of the New Garden (see pictures below, click to enlarge). Some of the first metal bridges in Russia, these elegant structures were made to designs by Giacomo Quarenghi at the Sestroretsk Ironworks in the 1780s-90s. Damaged during the war, they required partial re-creation of the wrought railings, marble posts, metal trusses, cast-iron slabs and stone-clad abutments.   

The work was accomplished without cost to the government. In July restoration will start on the Small Lamsky Bridge and the Lamsky Weir Bridge, which are expected to be finished next summer.


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