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Associations 2017 show Gothic, 27.06.2017

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On Saturday, 24 June 2017, some of the top fashion designers of St Petersburg teamed up with Tsarskoye Selo again to bring forth an inspiring art and fashion show of Project Associations for the ninth time. The unique project combines fashion design with a wide style array of the former imperial summer residence.

United by this year’s theme, Gothic: New Meanings, the designers Tatyana Parfionova (see pictures below, upper row)Leonid Alexeev (below, second row from top)Lilia Kisselenko (below, lower right)Stas Lopatkin and Ianis Chamalidy (below, third row from top) dazzled over 2.5 thousand visitors of the Catherine Park with their fashionable interpretations.

The shows were staged at different places around the park by the renowned production director Victor Kramer, who supervised Project Associations’ The Baroque Style in 2011, Playing Antiquity in 2012, Ambassadorial Gifts in 2013, and The Russian Style in 2016.

This year’s special guest was YAND, a St Petersburg brand founded by Seta Yandieva who will demonstrate her works in the Turkish Bath pavilion (above, lower left).

The Gothic style at Tsarskoye Selo is associated with the Catherine Park’s Neo-Gothic Admiralty, Tower Ruin and Gothic Gate built to designs by Vasily Neyelov and Yury Velten in the 1770s, and with the Arsenal, Chapelle, White Tower, Llama Pavilion, Pensioneers’ Stable and Imperial Farm, the Neo-Gothic creations by architect Adam Menelaws built in the Alexander Park in the first half of the nineteenth century.

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