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Our WWI display expands, 05.07.2017

In August 2017, the Russia in the Great War museum at the Martial Chamber of Tsarskoye Selo will see the opening of the third stage of its permanent display.

New sections will be unveiled, dedicated to the Caucasus Front, the Battle of Galicia and the Defense of the Osowiec Fortress. The air force and navy sections will be renovated and cuirassiers will have a separate showcase now. A whole new display room will tell about the events of 1917 and Russia’s withdrawal from the First World War.

Some very rare artifacts for the Caucasus Front section were purchased by the Museum at the Carsten Zeige auction in Hamburg (Germany). Those are the First Class Order and Breast Star of Medjidie (see above, click to enlarge), a military and knightly order of the Ottoman Empire instituted in 1851-2 by Sultan Abdülmecid I.


The other additions to this section include: Turkish medals of 1915 (above left); a 1910 headwear badge ‘For Distinguished Service in the Caucasus in 1857–9’ of the 83rd Samursky Infantry Regiment (above right); an early twentieth century sabre and scabbard of an Ottoman officer; a 1916 dagger and sheath of an Ottoman officer; a late nineteenth century Ottoman Liakat Medal; 1915–7 autographed photographs of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich Jr. in Tiflis (now Tbilisi, Georgia).


Recently purchased by the Museum at the Hermann Historica auction in Munich, Germany, a British naval officer uniform made in London in the 1900s (above left) will grace our navy section, which only had British and German naval dress uniforms of Nicholas II. This section will also get two late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century graduation badges of the Russian schools of mine-layer and submariner officers (above middle and right), obtained at the Azur Enchères Cannes auction in France.

Another new showcase will be dedicated to holidays on the front line, for which we purchased a rare photograph (left) at the Coins & Medals auction in Moscow. It shows Nicholas II meeting with lower ranks of the imperial air protection squadron at the General Headquarters (Stavka) in Mogilev on 11 April 1916, for the occasion of Orthodox Easter.

In preparation for the display renovation, the Martial Chamber will be closed July 10 through August 3.

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