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Amber Egg, 25.07.2017

On 25 July 2017 Tsarskoe Selo received the Amber Egg (see left, click to enlarge) created after the design sketches by Theo Fabergé, grandson of the ‘Great Carl’ Fabergé. The exquisite gift was brought and handed over by Mr Philip Birkenstein, Chairman of the St Petersburg Collection.

The Amber Egg is crystal, adorned with the Imperial Russian Crown with a cabochon ruby. On opening the Egg, the surprise, a vermeil heart on an easel is revealed. The heart opens up to show red enameling set with a rose and diamond. This unusual objet d’art was inspired by the famous Amber Room.

The St Petersburg Collection was founded by Theo Fabergé, who had in mind to create Easter eggs in dedication to the most celebrated palaces and suburban imperial residences of St Petersburg. The cooperation between the St Petersburg Collection and the Museum began in 1999 when the Alexander Palace Egg was made, on which the palace was engraved on fine lead crystal; the surprise within was a pendant with the cipher of Alexander III above the palace mirrored in a pond.

Back then, Philip Birkenstein was keen to assist the Museum in regaining some of its historic collection items. That started the cooperation between the Museum and the UK-based Company, whose financial help allowed for us to bring back to Tsarskoe Selo a number of precious objects that had belonged to the Alexander Palace, including a chair from the Semi-Circular Hall, a firewood box from the Reception Room of Nicholas II, as well as multilayer glass vases, early twentieth century dolls and board games, late nineteenth–early twentieth century clothes, and jewellery and household items.

The Amber Egg is the fifth Theo Fabergé creation conceived specially for Tsarskoe Selo and presented to the Museum by the St Petersburg Collection. This year’s handover ceremony was supported by the St Petersburg Association for International Cooperation.

Pictures above (click to enlarge):
Philip Birkenstein, Chairman of St Petersburg Collection (left); Amber Egg by Theo Fabergé (right)

Earlier gifts from St Petersburg Collection: Tsarskoe Selo Egg and Romanov Quadricentenary Egg

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