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Postface, 01.08.2017

Until 31 August 2017
the Grottoes of the Cameron Gallery


The free exhibition showcases the designs featured in a recent fashion fest in the Catherine Park held as part of our Project Associations, an art and fashion show at Tsarskoe Selo that annually brings together history and modern time, classical and contemporary art.

Launched in 2009, a unique project like this had to emerge in a beauty-filled place like the former imperial summer residence, which has always served as inspiration to poets, architects, painters, decorative and applied artists.

Over the past eight years, some daring designs inspired by different artistic styles of the palaces, parks and collections of Tsarskoe Selo have been presented all over the place in the shows of St Petersburg’s leading designers, staged by renowned production directors and acclaimed by the media.

This year’s theme, Gothic: New Meanings, brought together the designers Tatyana ParfionovaLeonid AlexeevLilia KisselenkoStas Lopatkin and Ianis Chamalidy, who dazzled over 2,500 visitors of the park with their fashionable interpretations.

Courtesy of the designers, our exhibition features three works from each of them and brings back the Gothic power once again.

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