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The New Garden

The New Garden was laid out in the 1740s. It can be reached by way of the Large Chinese Bridge, from which the lime alley that forms the main axis of the garden begins. The intersection between this alley and a broad cutting forms a cross that divides the New Garden into four equal parterres, squares with 200-metre sides, that are the basis of its design.

The square to the left of the Chinese Bridge contains the “Mushroom” flowerbed. The original layout of the right-hand square has not survived: in the second half of the eighteenth century some picturesque ponds with headlands were created here (Ozerki Ponds). The centre of the third square is the artificial “Mount Parnassus”, while the compositional focus of the fourth is the Chinese Theatre. On all four sides the garden is enclosed by the Krestovy Canal that was dug out in 1748–49. Not far from the New Garden there are the Chinese Village and the Large and Small Caprices.

The New Garden was probably designed by the architect Nicolas Girard, but he was not involved in the actual construction. The work was overseen by the master-gardeners Cornelius Schreider and Mikhail Kondakov. At the end of the 1750s much that was planned for the New Garden had still not been started and soon, as regular gardens went out of vogue, the desire to complete the original concept in full measure faded away.

Over the years the layout of the New Garden was altered to some extent. Now in the place of neat rows of clipped limes (lindens) and broad views of parterres, freely growing trees rustle their leaves. Time is gradually erasing the boundary and distinctions between the regular and landscape areas of the Alexander Park.

In 1792 alongside the New Garden construction of the New Tsarskoye Selo (Alexander) Palace began under the supervision of Giacomo Quarenghi. At the same time more work was undertaken to remodel the garden along the lines of English landscape parks that had come into fashion in the later 1700s. The creation of the landscape area of the Alexander Park was to be the last major phase of work in the gardens of Tsarskoye Selo.                    Panoramic bird's eye view of New Garden

The New Garden
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