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The Church Anteroom

Between the small ground-floor vestibule of the Catherine Palace and the Palace Chapel  (Church of the Resurrection) by Rastrelli is a bright, spacious hall strikingly decorated with groups of Corinthian columns with gilded bases and capitals that was created to the design of the architect Vasily Stasov in 1843–46. Here, next to the entrance to the church, the palace courtiers waited for the beginning of the service. In the decoration of the Church Anteroom the Classical architect deliberately used Baroque devices – woodcarving, moulding and gilding. The colour scheme of the interior, based on the combination of white and gold, gives the hall a grand appearance, making it especially elegant and festive. As the hall serves as a sort of vestibule to the church, religious motifs were used in the stuccowork. Before the war the hall was lit by crystal chandeliers adapted to take special church candles.

At present the pavilion is used as a venue for temporary exhibitions.

The Church Anteroom
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