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Panoramic bird's eye views of Tsarskoye Selo

(click on pictures below for panoramic views to open in a new window)

Catherine Palace, Main Courtyard,
Golden Gates, New Garden



Catherine Palace, Parterres,
Duty Stables, Upper & Lower Bathhouses, Cameron Gallery, Cold Bath

Catherine Park



Cameron Gallery, Grotto, Admiralty,
Great PondIsland




Zubov Wing, Private Garden, Agate Rooms, Cameron Gallery, Great Pond,
Granite Terrace

Great Pond, Chesme Column, Hall on the Island, Turkish Bath, Marble Bridge


Chinese Village, Creaking Summer-House, Concert Hall, Rose Field, Large Caprice

Evening Hall, Chinese Village, Greenhouses, Chinese Theatre, Mushroom Flowerbed, Triangle Square


Catherine Palace, New Garden,
Mushroom Flowerbed, Chinese Theatre,
Mount Parnassus, Ozerki Ponds

Alexander Palace & Park, White Tower,
Martial Chamber, Fiodorovsky Gorodok


Alexander Park, Arsenal.
Pensioners' Stable, Imperial Farm


Panoramic Views
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