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Permanent Displays

The splendid interiors of the Catherine Palace are not all that Tsarskoe Selo can offer. Our themed displays will tell you more about the history of the imperial summer residence and show extant objects from the interiors destroyed during the Second World War and now waiting for restoration.

One of our permanent displays, open in the former Duty Stable building outside the main entrance to the Catherine Park, presents court carriages from the eighteenth–nineteenth centuries. The other displays, devoted to the Romanov Dynasty and Emperor Alexander I, are set out in the halls of the Catherine Palace.

Since August 2014, the Martial Chamber in the Alexander Park of Tsarskoe Selo houses Russia's first museum dedicated to World War One. Besides various authentic wartime paraphernalia, this permanent display offers two Japanese gun-howitzers, commissioned by Russia in the 1910s, and a copy of a Russo-Balt armoured car in the courtyard. Our visitors can also learn more about the war’s major events and figures from interactive kiosks and the Russia in the Great War e-book created by the museum employees.


The Alexander Palace is currently under restoration (until approximately 2018-2019), after which it will reopen the Suite of State Rooms and  offer the restored historic interiors in the East Wing where the family of the last Russian emperor lived.


Permanent displays
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