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MEISSEN TO TSARSKOYE SELO, 300 x 300 x 300, 09.06.2010

Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, the cradle of European porcelain-making, determined the development of European ceramics within many decades. This year 2010 sees a remarkable co-incidence of the 300th anniversaries of Meissen Porcelain in Germany and of Tsarskoye Selo in Russia, which triggered this unique joint exhibition project: three hundred Meissen items from the private collection of Mr. Kurt Krockenberger (Remshalden-Grunbach, Germany) put on display in the Church Anteroom of the Catherine Palace. See pictures from the opening ceremony

For over two centuries, Meissen high-quality porcelains graced royal palaces and suburban residences of St. Petersburg. Meissen vases, formal and everyday services, figures and sculpture groups served as indispensable interior decorations for the Catherine and Alexander Palaces since the mid-1700s. Unfortunately, much of them were lost during the Second World War, so this is a great chance to admire works of the leading European porcelain maker within these walls again.

View Of Meissen teapot. 1860s    Snuffbox with Chinese figures pattern. 1720s-1730s

The display consists of several sections: Oriental and European motifs on 18th-century porcelain, Mid-18th-century porcelain modelling and shaping, Classical porcelain, Second-quarter and late-19th-century porcelain, and Art Nouveau and Art Deco porcelain.

Count Brühl’s Tailor (later replication of 1737 model by Johann Joachim Kändler)    Fragment of porcelain candleholder. Late 19th c.

The vast and varied collection of Kurt Krockenberger introduces us to the main traits at Meissen Porcelain Manufactory during the 18th–20th centuries and provides rich material for the study of the history of this largest European porcelain production center.

The exhibition is open June 8, 2010 – August 30, 2011 in the Church Anteroom (Catherine Palace), 10.00–17.00 daily except Tuesdays and the last Monday of each month.

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