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The accomplished restoration of the Agate Rooms, as well as the history of the Cold Bath pavilion that houses these unique eighteenth-century interiors on its upper floor, is covered by the exhibition Agate Rooms: The Way to Revival.

The seven restored rooms created by the famous architect Charles Cameron - the Staircase, Library, Agate Cabinet, Large Hall, and Jasper, Oval and Little Cabinets (see Floor Plan below), and a collection of the exquisite art objects that surrounded Empress Catherine II at her beloved place of retreat from state affairs.

Also noteworthy is a wonderful portrait of Catherine II painted by Alexei Antropov in 1765 and a marvellous coloured-stone mosaic panel from the 1700s.  

An integral part of the exhibit is the Children’s Creative Center (open weekends) where multimedia technologies help our young visitors learn more about the jasper mineral that is so richly used in the décor of the Agate Rooms.

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