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THE LOSS OF THE PALACES: Tsarskoye Selo in 1941-1944, 25.01.2013

The Loss of the Palaces: Tsarskoye Selo in 1941-1944 is a photo exhibit set out in the Thrird Antechamber of the Catherine Palace from January 25 to March 3, 2013.

The photographs on display come from the collections of Bair Irincheyev and Denis Zhukov and from a German World War II soldier's album donated to our Museum by Mr. Irincheyev. The amateur shots of 1941-1944 reflect the wreckage of the years when Tsarskoye Selo suffered under the Nazi occupation.

Looking at the rare photos obtained at German online auctions within the last decade, one of the collectors says that many Nazis obviously thought of their invasion as "tourism", an exciting adventure for shot-taking. Almost half of them brought cameras and made up photo albums, which then got into family archives and now are often sold out by the soldiers’ descendants.

The two collectors’ trophies are supplemented with items from our holdings, including the photographs and Leica camera of a German soldier, donated by his daughter, and a 1941-42 journal of a German officer stationed in Pushkin during the occupation (donated by his descendant).

For the first time on museum display in Russia, courtesy of the Berlin-based researcher Dimitri Silbermann, the copies of the photographs made in November-December 1941 by an amateur photographer from the 58th Infantry Division, a unit of the German army (Wehrmacht) under Generalleutnant Friedrich Altrichter then quartered in Slutsk (now Pavlovsk).

Our knowledge of the Nazi occupation of Pushkin town is still fragmentary because the extensive documents of that period are dispersed in hundreds of archives around the world and waiting to be processed, which makes the available wartime photographs of Tsarskoye Selo parks and palaces very interest-worthy.

The exhibit is open during the museum hours as part of the tour of the Catherine Palace.

The collectors welcome your feedback:

Mr. Bair K. Irincheyev
tel: +7 (921) 945-69-91

Mr. Denis V. Zhukov

Photo Gallery "From the Album of a German Soldier"


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