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The Composed Landscapes of Yury Molodkovets

June 29 to September 30, 2014
Admiralty pavilion (central building), Catherine Park
* may be prolonged; open Thursday to Monday 11 am to 5 pm, closed Tuesday and Wednesday; free entrance with park ticket)

On the walls of the Dutch Hall on the second floor of the Admiralty pavilion once hung the engravings with views of English manors, which were brought to Catherine II by the architects Peter and Vasily Neyelov from England where she had sent them ‘for a better success in the knowledge and notice useful to the gardens’.

Those engravings served the architects and the empress as some sources of inspiration to build at Tsarskoye Selo a new type of park, a 'natural world' where one could contemplate various pavilions, ruins and gazebos, and 'indulge themselves in reminiscences' of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and faraway countries.

Today, the Dutch Hall hosts the Composed Landscapes exhibition by Yury Molodkovets, a great master of photography from St. Petersburg, whose works on our display are dialoguing with a dozen facsimile engravings from the Museum’s collection. 

His new series of works shows the English-style parks of Tsarskoye Selo as they should be ideally: scenic, educational and ... empty of people. The latter seems like a “luxury” which is especially hard to attain in the summer months, but the magic of the images makes one immediately want to be inside the master’s composed space amidst the old trees, pavilions, sculptures, in the white-lighted garden, beautiful and desolate like a dream.


The exhibition is sponsored by Finnish construction company YIT

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