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Our Museum marks the Russian Cinema Year 2016 with an exhibition titled Tsarskoye Selo in Cinematic Space, which draws upon movies and television productions filmed here at different times over the years. This photo and video exhibition runs at the Upper Bathhouse pavilion in the Catherine Park during May 27th to September 30th.

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The display offers stills and fragments of many famous motion pictures, such as Mikhail Bogin’s About Love (1970) among others. A cameraman’s camera, monitor and chair, a copy of Anna Karenina’s screenplay, a clapperboard and other authentic attributes of filmmaking are presented courtesy of Sergei Astakhov, director of photography on Sergei Solovyov’s Anna Karenina (2009), Aleksei Balabanov’s Brother (1997) and Brother 2 (2000), Sergei Mikaelyan’s Love by Request (1983) and Vitaly Melnikov’s Poor, poor Paul (2003).

Also in the photos are some unusual moments, such as the installation of helium balloon lights and infirmary sets in the Great Hall and “snowmaking” in the Main Courtyard of the Catherine Palace.

Tsarksoye Selo became a filming set for over forty Russian and foreign productions, which include the following:

  • The Man with the Gun (1938) by Sergei Yutkevich
  • War and Peace (1965-67) by Sergei Bondarchuk
  • The Captivating Star of Happiness (1975) by Vladimir Motyl
  • Dreams of Russia (1992) by Jun'ya Satô
  • Garpastum (2005) and Under Electric Clouds (2015) by Aleksei German
  • 18-14 (2008) by Andres Puustusmaa
  • Anna Karenina (2009) by Sergei Solovyov
  • Raspoutine (2011) by Josée Dayan
  • The Geat One (2015) by Igor Zaytsev
  • Matilda (2015-17) by Alexei Uchitel
  • War & Peace (2016) by Tom Harper


Pictures (click to enlarge):
Above left: 18-14 by Andres Puustusmaa, above right: Under Electric Clouds by Aleksei German
Below left: War & Peace by Tom Harper, below right: Matilda by Alexei Uchitel


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