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16TH CENTURY SUIT OF ARMOUR from the State Hermitage, 14.06.2017

The 16th Century Suit of Armour from the State Hermitage, a one piece exhibition housed by the Arsenal pavilion in the Alexander Park from 14 June 2017, presents an object from the imperial arms and armour collection held in the Arsenal until 1885.

This jousting suit of armour (see left and below, click to enlarge) was made in Germany (possibly Landshut) in around 1550. It has a close helmet with a pivoting stepped visor and integral bevor. The cuirass and arm and leg defenses are equivalent in construction to those of mid-sixteenth century armours.

Covered with fine etching of Moresque and stylized vegetative ornaments, this richly decorated armour could be used for jousts and parades.

According to available information, this garniture was purchased in Paris from the arms and armour dealer and restorer Juste.

The exhibit will be on display on the second floor of the Arsenal till 1 October 2017.                    Visiting information

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